Rosie O’Donnel doubts 9/11 story

Rosie O'Donnel, film and TV actress, host and comedienne has seen the light! She now doubts the official Bush story about 9/11. Anybody in his right mind would immediately think that something is wrong with Building 7. It just collapsed or imploded much like the buildings made to implode in demolitions. And the architectural society … Continue reading Rosie O’Donnel doubts 9/11 story


9/11 Revisited — Bldg 7 collapse

As Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool all the people sometimes or some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Many people are now waking up to the reality of 9/11. The video clip is 9/11 revisited (updated) from YouTube.

War in Moro land – by Macapanton Abbas, Jr.

This is a CONTINUATION of Prof. Macapanton Yahya Abbas‘s “Is a Bangsa Moro State within a Federation the Solution?” ===================================== WAR IN MORO LAND (Last Phase) The brief history of the present Bangsa Moro Struggle, which I will present in the first person because I was one of the original members of the movement from … Continue reading War in Moro land – by Macapanton Abbas, Jr.

The Bangsamoro Struggle for Self-Determination

Speech delivered in a conference in Germany. From the blog - The Pen Pointers On Line: Justice Peace FreedomTo read the whole speech, go to clipped from The Bangsamoro Struggle for Self-Determination (Delivered by Guiamel M. Alim, Executive Director, Kadtuntaya Foundation, Inc., a non-government organization based in Cotabato City, Mindanao Island, Southern Philippines, … Continue reading The Bangsamoro Struggle for Self-Determination

Peace Talk

From the blog Peace Talk From the post on this URL: clipped from gstoltzfus.blogspot.comThursday, February 01, 2007 Philippines: The Bangsa Moro People “Our struggle is not for economic help. We are not poor. Our struggle is for self governance.” said Ghazali Jaafar, Vice President for Political Affairs of the MILF. “This is an armed revolution” … Continue reading Peace Talk

Mindanao – from an Indonesian perspective

This is from an Indonesian blog. Moros are Malays and we have so much in common with Indonesians and Malaysians -- historical experience, culture, religion, and language. Before and during the Spanish colonial era, the court language in Moro sultanates was Malay (Bahasa). clipped from sriandalas.multiply.comMINDANAU..... LOOK AT HIS FACE… AND HERS TOO… … Continue reading Mindanao – from an Indonesian perspective

Bangsa Moro Self-Determination

Quite a coherent essay. For the full text, go to clipped from http://www.freewebs.comBangsamoro IndenpedenceSaturday, Mar 17, 2007Bangsamoro Independence or Interdependence? The Referendum Proposal for a Just and Lasting Peace in MindanaoBy Shauna MorganUniversity of Toronto (B.A.) In April of 2002, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) published a book of speeches and interviews with … Continue reading Bangsa Moro Self-Determination

The Lebanon-Israeli war through the eyes of CNN and BBC

From the CMFR (Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility blog For the full story, go to clipped from Review The Lebanon-Israeli war through the eyes of CNN and BBC Demonizing the 'Enemy' Jamal Ashley Abbas IN MANY ways, the just-concluded Israel-Lebanon war was unique. It was the first war directly covered by different … Continue reading The Lebanon-Israeli war through the eyes of CNN and BBC

The Philippine Blog Awards – nominees

"The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable Filipino-owned blogs in their respective niches — a venue to showcase notable blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe." -- includes a Moro blog: Reflections on the Bangsa Moro clipped from Category: Socio-Political Below are the official entries for the Socio-Political … Continue reading The Philippine Blog Awards – nominees

Tri-People Concept in Mindanao?

FROM THE BLOG: DXUP FM - 105.5 MHz-Upi for Peace - Identity Crisis The writer "Kaka Ali" wrote: "In early times, the people of Mindanao Island were divided into groups: the indigenous peoples who are referred to by Visayan speakers as “Lumads”, and the “Talainged” or native inhabitants whom the Spaniards called “Moros”, and the … Continue reading Tri-People Concept in Mindanao?