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Posted on March 25, 2007


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Philippines: The Bangsa Moro People

“Our struggle is not for economic help. We are not poor. Our struggle is for self governance.” said Ghazali Jaafar, Vice President for Political Affairs of the MILF. “This is an armed revolution” he continued, “carried on by the Bangsa Moro people. We want our own government. We were once free. This is a nation of people who are Muslim. We have bases all over the Moro provinces. People all over follow us. We are now engaged in negotiations with the Philippine government but we will not eliminate the possibility of use of force if there is no solution to Bangsa Moro nation. We will push forward. We do not protect terrorists. Any terrorists in the Philippines are connected to foreign groups, particularly Indonesia. The root cause of our struggle is the persistent annexation of Moro land first by the American government and then by settlers reenforced by the Philippine government. Our goal is self government”.

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