The Bangsamoro Struggle for Self-Determination

Posted on March 25, 2007


Speech delivered in a conference in Germany. From the blog – The Pen Pointers On Line: Justice Peace Freedom

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The Bangsamoro Struggle for Self-Determination

(Delivered by Guiamel M. Alim, Executive Director, Kadtuntaya Foundation, Inc., a non-government organization based in Cotabato City, Mindanao Island, Southern Philippines, at the European Solidarity Conference on the Philippines, Philippine Solidarity 2000: In Search of New Perspectives, held on 23-25 June 1995 at Hoisdorf, Germany)
The Bangsa Moro struggle for self-determination is already a struggle of generations. The longest in Asia and maybe the whole world, it started in the 16th century and up to now there is no clear indiator yet as to when it will end. Other peoples’ struggle in the world have either succeeded or been totally crushed. The Moro struggle is still going on. It is an ongoing struggle for survival, cultural identity and for the right to self-determination.
The Bangsa Moro: Who are they?

Justice Peace Freedom

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