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SC chief PUNO says US ‘War on Terror’ mindless

April 23, 2007


Maybe there is something about a Supreme Court Justice’s robes that brings out the intelligent capabilities of a man. Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno denounced the US War on Terror and its terrible effects on the human rights and justice system in the wold, especially in developing countries like the Philippines.So what is […]

MNLF’s Malik calls for Jihad, OIC says stop fighting, RP gives 1 Million peso bounty

April 21, 2007


Philippine Military Put Up P1-M bounty for MNLF Commander Ustadz Habier Malik in Sulu Dureza to MNLF: ‘Deal with Malik’ SULU FIGHTING: Arroyo tells military: Pursue MNLF rebel AFP rejects OIC plea; P1-M reward up vs Malik OIC urges gov’t, MNLF to stop fighting   MNLF Commander Ustadz Jabir (pronounced Habir) Malik is at it […]

RP bid for OIC observer status

April 18, 2007


It appears that the Philippine government has not given up on applying for an observer status at the OIC, replacing the MNLF. How in the world could the Philippine government convince the Muslim world body that it represents the interests of the Bangsa Moro people? After killing the Moros, dispossessing them of their lands and […]

Mindanao is crucial part in War on Terror — UK official

April 11, 2007


See also : Freed Iranian diplomat claims he was tortured by the CIA in Iraq ===================== George W. “Lone Ranger” Bush’s “Tonto”, Tony Blair, and his men have set their aim on Mindanao. Months after giving a tough lecture saying that Britain needs to have military power, Tony Blair appeared weak and feeble against Iran. […]

9 soldiers, 1 civilian slain in Army base shooting rampage

April 8, 2007


For the full text, go to clipped from 9 soldiers, civilian slain in Army base shooting rampage By Julie Alipala Inquirer, Associated Press Last updated 03:10pm (Mla time) 04/08/2007 ZAMBOANGA CITY — (2ND UPDATE) Nine soldiers and a civilian were killed in a shooting rampage inside a patrol base of the 35th Infantry […]

Bush offered Blair to ‘scare’ Iranians

April 8, 2007


According to this news story, US wanted to scare the Iranians but UK refused. Blair is educated enough to understand what would have happened had Bush planes were let go to “scare” Iran. Bush must really have hated keeping a low profile during the 2-week-long drama. Well, now, Blair had started badmouthing Iran (see here […]