Bush offered Blair to ‘scare’ Iranians

According to this news story, US wanted to scare the Iranians but UK refused. Blair is educated enough to understand what would have happened had Bush planes were let go to “scare” Iran. Bush must really have hated keeping a low profile during the 2-week-long drama.

Well, now, Blair had started badmouthing Iran (see here ) and mounted his own media stint with the released soldiers. I suppose we can expect to hear more from Bush now.

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clipped from www.dailytimes.com.pk

US offered UK to ‘scare’ Iran

LONDON: The United States offered to mount aggressive air patrols over Revolutionary Guards bases during Iran’s standoff with Britain, but was rebuffed by London, The Guardian newspaper reported on Saturday.

Citing unnamed diplomatic sources, the daily said that Pentagon officials offered a series of military options, but Britain told them to keep out of the affair and instead tone down armed forces activity in the Gulf.

One of the options involved combat aircraft patrolling over Iranian bases to show how serious the incident was, the newspaper said in a front-page story.

On March 20, three days before the 15 British marines were seized by Iran, a second US aircraft carrier group arrived in the region.

At London’s request, the two carrier groups, totalling 40 ships plus aircraft, changed their exercises to make them appear less confrontational, the newspaper said.

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