Mindanao is crucial part in War on Terror — UK official

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George W. “Lone Ranger” Bush’s “Tonto”, Tony Blair, and his men have set their aim on Mindanao. Months after giving a tough lecture saying that Britain needs to have military power, Tony Blair appeared weak and feeble against Iran. Now, Tony Blair seems to want to gain back some of that tough guy image.


Also, the US had to give up their captive, Iranian diplomat Jalal Sharafi, to facilitate the release of the British Marines. (US officials deny this allegation.) Perhaps as part of the payback, UK has to give at least lip service to Bush’s War on Terror in Mindanao.


Poor Moros. First, the Americans gave their (the Moros’) sovereignty and territory to the Filipinos. Then they are dispossessed of their lands and resources by the migrant settlers. Then came the revolutionary war of the 1970s. But with the signing of the Tripoli Agreement in 1976, the war was “suspended”. With the Aquino and Ramos administrations, the Occupation of Moroland by the Philippine military intensified and later erupted into Erap’s ‘All-Out War’. With Bush’s War on Terror, the American troops returned to what was once their “Moro Province”. And now, the British are coming!


Really, give the Moros a break! The Abu Sayyaf is a creation of the Philippine military and the CIA. This has been very well documented. Even a Philippine court ruled that one of the co-founders of Abu Sayyaf, Edwin Angeles, was a Philippine Deep Penetration Agent whose actions – including murders and kidnappings – were sanctioned by the Philippine government.


And even if the Abu Sayyaf is truly Al-Qaeda linked, the Philippine military has boasted that it has practically finished off its leadership. So what is all the fuss about?


If the Philippine government (and the US and British governments) truly want to have Abu Sayyaf finished off, all it should do is to ask the ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) Governor and officials to police its region and get rid of the terrorist group.


Why can’t people see things plainly? ARMM is supposed to be autonomous. The Abu Sayyaf is just a rag tag group of bandits. Anywhere in the world, this would have been a mere police matter. So why is it treated differently? Why is the Philippine military involved? And why is the US military involved? And now, the Brits want to take a piece of the action, too. Why? Why? Why?

If the Philippine Police could not handle Moro outlaws — the Kamlon rebellion and the Rizal Alih siege are two examples –, then let the Moros handle their own problem. Let the Autonomous Moro government (ARMM) solve the problem.

It is so strange that the Abu Sayyaf members are allegedly hiding in ARMM territory and yet the ARMM government is not allowed to go after them. And yet, the Abu Sayyaf is allegedly a super terrorist group which everybody wants to capture.


It is time for this Abu Sayyaf ‘moro-moro’ (Filipino stage play, usually anti-Muslim) to stop. Bring down the curtains on this horrible farce and help the poor Moros live in peace – not rest in peace.

Without a peaceful Moroland, there can never be real and sustainable progress and development  in the whole Philippines.



clipped from globalnation.inquirer.net

Mindanao is crucial part in war vs terror, says UK official

By Veronica Uy


Last updated 06:50pm (Mla time) 04/09/2007

MANILA, Philippines — Mindanao is geographically crucial to the fight against terrorism, making it a place that the “world watches very carefully,” said a United Kingdom official who was in the country during the Holy Week.

He said that like the terror camps in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and Western Sahara, Mindanao is near many other terror targets and very difficult to police.

”Mindanao is really also geographically very convenient for them [terrorists] because it’s very close to a number of countries in the region, which they’d like to do a lot of damage to, whether it’s Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia,” UK Minister of State Dr.
Kim Howells MP told a small group of reporters.

Howells said terror groups like Jemaah Islamiya take advantage of Mindanao’s geography, moving their people, their money, and their weapons across the islands.

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