RP bid for OIC observer status

It appears that the Philippine government has not given up on applying for an observer status at the OIC, replacing the MNLF.

How in the world could the Philippine government convince the Muslim world body that it represents the interests of the Bangsa Moro people? After killing the Moros, dispossessing them of their lands and properties or in other words, raping the Bangsa Moro, the government wants the Muslim world to make them protectors of the Bangsa Moro. Really, such gall!

If the OIC will grant the Philippine government observer status, then all hope is lost for the Moro people(s). And all hope is lost for the Ummah.


clipped from globalnation.inquirer.net

News / Breaking News

RP bid at OIC not imperiled by Sulu clashes–DFA exec

By Veronica Uy


MANILA , Philippines — The Philippines’ bid for observer status at the Organization of Islamic Conference should not be imperiled by the clash between government forces and those of Habier Malik, a commander of the Moro National Liberation Front, an official of the Department of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday.

In any case, the Philippines ’ bid will not be taken up at the OIC conference of foreign ministers scheduled in Islamabad this May, Rafael Seguis, DFA undersecretary for special concerns, said in an interview.

Seguis said OIC senior officials in a recently concluded meeting failed to come up with rules that would cover applications for observer status.
He said this was the reason why the Philippines’ bid could not be taken up.

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