MNLF’s Malik calls for Jihad, OIC says stop fighting, RP gives 1 Million peso bounty

Philippine Military Put Up P1-M bounty for MNLF Commander Ustadz Habier Malik in Sulu

Dureza to MNLF: ‘Deal with Malik’

SULU FIGHTING: Arroyo tells military: Pursue MNLF rebel

AFP rejects OIC plea; P1-M reward up vs Malik

OIC urges gov’t, MNLF to stop fighting


MNLF Commander Ustadz Jabir (pronounced Habir) Malik is at it again. Last February, he made the headlines when he detained Metro Manila military commander Major Gen. Ben Dolorfino and his group in his camp in Sulu for two days.

Malik got a promise from the government that the oft-postponed Tripartite Meeting among the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Republic of the Philippine Government (RPG) would be held in March in accordance with the provisions of the 1996 Final Peace Agreement signed in Jakarta. The meeting was originally scheduled for November 2006 but the Philippine government kept on asking for postponement.

The event was passed off by the Manila government as a mere friendly gesture by Malik. Government spokesmen said that the officials were merely invited to spend some time in the camp. There were rumors however that a ransom money was paid to Malik. At any rate, Malik was presented by the government as a legitimate MNLF commander.

It is now April and there is no indication of any Tripartite meeting in the offing. And so, Ustadz Malik and his men attacked military camps in Sulu. Presumably, he is only fulfilling his promise / threat to Dolorfino and his group.

All of a sudden, Malik is depicted as a “rogue” MNLF commander allied to the Abu Sayyaf, Al-Qaeda and all the terrorist groups in the world.

The government is, as usual, offering a One Million Peso bounty for the head of Malik. For his part, Ustadz Malik called for a Jihad (Holy War) against the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Smack in the middle of this brouhaha is MNLF chieftain Nur Misuari, who is under detention by the Philippine government. Malik is a known Misuari supporter. But the government is now saying that Misuari refuses to have anything to do with Malik.

The OIC has called for a stop to the hostilities but the Philippine government simply brushed aside the OIC call.

That the OIC is inutile regarding the Palestinian issue, the invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the harassment of Iran regarding its nuclear policy is understandable. It is not easy to fight a superpower like the USA, especially when most of your money is deposited in their banks. But surely, the OIC cannot be afraid of the Philippines. Millions of its people depend on Arab money to live. And the OIC does not need the Philippines. If they want to go R&R in Southeast Asia, they can always go to Thailand or even Singapore and Hong Kong.

As the United Nations of the Muslim World, it is incumbent upon OIC to help solve the Mindanao Problem, but to the betterment of the Bangsa Moro and not to its detriment.


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