Philippine Elections 2007 – disenfranchisement, killings, postponed elections, etc

Posted on May 14, 2007




The voting for Elections 2007 is now over, except for some parts of the country where elections were suspended, as usual. For this election, some 200 election-related violent incidents were recorded, including about 114 people killed. Just today, there were more than a dozen people killed all over the country. And all the other horrible election practices are back as usual…



True to form, elections in several Moro municipalities in Lanao del Sur, del Norte, Basilan and other Moro places were again, suspended. As usual, these places shall be the battleground later when the last two senatorial slots would be up for grabs. The real sentiment of the voters in these areas would never be known because when the elections in these areas would finally be held, votes or cheating would go to the highest bidders, as exposed by the Garci tapes and subsequent Senate hearings.


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Philippine Elections 2007 – disenfranchisement, exit polls, stray votes, postponed elections, etc.