US FBI interfering again in Moroland


ABS CBN Interactive website =============================

US FBI to help in Cotabato bus bombing probe

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent two bomb experts in North Cotobato Saturday to help investigate the bomb that exploded inside a bus Friday and injured 10 people, ABS-CBN News reported Saturday.

The bomb went off at 2:45 p.m. inside a bus from Weena Bus Lines with body number 70-17 in Matalam town. The bus came from Cotabato City and was en route to Davao City. The injured, mostly bystanders, were immediately taken to Armas Provincial Hospital.

According to Inspector Elias Colo, Police Chief of Matalam, the American experts would help determine if the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah was involved in the attack.

The report said the FBI bomb experts were also involved in recent military exercises between the US and Philippines held in Carmen, Cotabato.

For full story go to ABS-CBN Interactive website


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