Racists at Work

Obama passport files violated; 2 workers at State fired; 1 rebuked – – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

The racists in America have been doing everything to stem the Obama tide. They have been circulating various rumors about Obama – saying that he is Muslim, etc. When the Muslim tag did not hold water, they attacked his being black, at first indirectly and with innuendos, but lately quite directly by associating him with ideas of radical Black leaders.And now, they have breached Obama’s privacy by looking into his passport files.


3 thoughts on “Racists at Work

  1. Did you understand that not only Obama’s passport files were violated but Clinton and McCain’s passports was also violated. Now the catch, two of the three was fired, one not fired and he/she works for a company that has connections to Obama’s campaign. Something sure smells with this one my friend.


  2. Changing subject to rebuke the passport issue does not work, facts of the worker being connected to Obama’s campaign is just that and has nothing to do with any of the things you stated. Mr. McCain passport was breahed also so I guess you will say that McCain did it himself….come on now, white is white and black is black!!


  3. McCain’s and Clinton’s passports as also being “violated” is a mere cover-up so as not to seemingly single out Obama. Jeez, that’s one of the oldest trick in the business.


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