The 911 Hoax

The site has lots of documents that allege that the 9/11 airplane attacks were a big HOAX played by the US government in cahoots with the US Media
[livevideo id=socialservice]

The first photo is from NBC footage while the second is from a CBS footage. The Empire State Building seemed to have MOVED from its place.


5 thoughts on “The 911 Hoax

  1. Sorry, but your post here is exceedingly ignorant. As a person who not only personally witnessed that attack but also worked 4.5 years cleaning up the debris and rebuilding part of the site (from 9/12/01 until 2/10/06), i would recommend you actually research this issue instead of relying on fringe lunatic sites and urban legend.

    People died in those attacks, al Qadeh has admitted its role, so why then are people like you making such nonsensical claims?

  2. Rachamimbenami,

    There are tons of documents contradicting you and the US position. Common sense dictates that buildings do not fall as if it were a controlled demolition project if they were hit by an airplane, or if it were not hit by anything at all like the third building.

    Have you or anybody else seen the jumbo jet that allegedly hit the Pentagon? How could a jumbo jet simply vanish into thin air? No bomb can do that.

    How about the grieving families of the passengers of the supposed 4 airplanes that crashed? Where were they? They were not waiting at the LAX airport on that day? Where are they now?

    Fortunately, some people have just higher IQs than you.

    Besides, who are the Al-Qaeda? They could just be a fringe lunatic group created by the CIA. You could even be part of it.

  3. someone pointed me to this blog post. Sorry, I can’t help but reply to this even though this is a very old post.

    logically the position of two choppers used by NBC and CBS are in two different angles.

    CBS chopper

    empire state

    NBC chopper twin towers

    note that the angles of the helicopters above. The empire state bldg will obviously and definitely be looking like it’s on the left side from the NBC chopper. While from the view of the CBS, it will definitely look like the empire state is on the right. It’s simple geometry.

    I agree with you that common sense dictates that buildings do not fall that fast if there is resistance from the lower floors of the building. It is because the logic behind it was there were already bombs placed in the foundations of the two buildings. You will obviously hear small explosions inside before the buildings collapsed.

    What made me reply to this post was it’s as if you were telling everyone that the WTC never existed at all. Have you been to NY?

    1. I have been to NYC. And of course the WTC towers existed. From what planet do you come from, anyway?

      However, the planes might not have existed at all. There were NO planes or even debris or the black boxes found in Pentagon and Pennsylvania (the plane that was supposed to hit the White House). And of course, there were absolutely not traces of the supposedly JUMBO JETS that hit the WTC towers.

      And how about the third building (Building No. 7?) that fell, much like the WTC;i.e., like it was deliberately demolished. No one even claimed that a third plane hit it. It simply fell on its own. Perhaps it felt lonely standing there without the Twin Towers?

      As to the small explosions when the buildings were falling, a fireman was interviewed and they said there were mini explosions — “boom, boom , boom”, while gesturing with his hand that the “boom” sound was coming from the higher to the lower floors.

      Why don’t you check the link provided here?

      1. I’m from Mars 🙂

        As for the pentagon attack. It’s freaking obvious. it was a missle, there’s no plane. Have you seen the damage? no small plane can do that. And no big plane can hit the pentagon without hitting the ground first.

        As for why the buildings fell that fast, after the planes hit the building, that’s when the bombs went off.

        Here’s something to make you think. I can’t remember the details but every camera near Pentagon was confiscated, later released but already edited. And still clear, no plane was visible in the video.

        As for the link you’ve provided, you’ve been had. I’m not sure why you believe in this illogical crap. But like I said, the angles of the choppers are positioned in two different angles. It’s basic geometry man. I learned it from high school.

        Also, you have amateur AND clear videos. Don’t choose the video in this in which provides the blurriest of all videos.

        Anyhow, what I’m pointing out here is that the case of Pentagon and WTC are different. Don’t mix and mash the issues of the Pentagon ‘attack’ and the WTC attack. (Take note that I included quotes in the 1st ‘attack’ word).

        Another thing, they’re just linking Osama in this, there is no direct evidence that Osama is the one who initiated this attack. This is all an inside job. That’s why I laud Bush and his administration that he was able to pull this off and put the blame to Bin Laden and also used the same to stupidly attack Iraq.

        I won’t explain further with this 9/11 conspiracy, I suggest you just watch Zeitgeist’s theory on this 9/11 attack, or watch the documentary ‘loose change’ it makes a lot more sense than your link.

        watch loose change here:

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