The stalled and now very controversial GRP-MILF AGREEMENT has made many things apparent. First is the extreme dislike of the Christian majority to give the Moros any semblance of distinct identity. They still maintain and promote the myth of the one-nation one-people. That is of course understandable because they are the great majority. They get all the advantages while the Bangsa Moro people slowly but surely are driven into oblivion.

Second, it showed the apparent naivety of the Moros to believe in the sincerity of the government and the political and constitutional processes. Agreeing to a PLEBISCITE in specific locations is a very bad idea. And Congress – both houses – could never be hoped to craft a law favoring the Bangsa Moro’s real aspirations.


The Bangsa Moro Homeland or territory must be composed of, at the MINIMUM, the areas specified in the Tripoli Agreement of 1976. Nothing less.

At most, it should be the land territory of the Sultanate of Maguindanao, Sultanate of Sulu, Rajaship of Buayan, the Maranao Confederacy and other Moro datuships as of 1898, the signing of the Treaty of Paris between America and Spain. This is because Spain had absolutely no right to cede what was not theirs. The Americans realized this and so they signed a separate treaty (the Bates Treaty) with the Sultan of Sulu.

Or, let the territory be according to the Moro Province created by the Americans which comprised all territory lying south of the 8th parallel latitude except Palawan and the eastern portion of the northwest peninsula of Mindanao. This includes the whole of Lanao, Davao, Cotabato, Zamboanga and Sulu before these provinces were dismembered later.

But Palawan was given to the Sultan of Sulu by the Sultan of Brunei at the same time as Sabah. If Palawan could not be part of the Bangsa Moro homeland, it should be given back to its first owners – Brunei — or be part of the Malaysian Federation like Sabah.

There was neither rhyme nor reason for the Americans to give the Moro province to the Philippines to form a Philippine Republic in 1946.

The Moro Province was NEVER a part of the Philippine Revolution of 1896 or 1898 or the Philippine Republic of Aguinaldo.

A cursory glance at history – real history not the fiction of Most Filipino historians – show that the Moros and Indios were never one people. Never until 1946. But the various Moro rebellions and the MNLF and MILF wars show that the Moros are not satisfied with being a second-class citizen in the Philippine Republic.

The ARMM territory is not recognized by most Moros as the totality of their Homeland.


If future negotiations would occur, the Moros should insist that a plebiscite must be FOR MOROS ONLY. That is, only Moros should be asked because it concerns their future, their lands, their inheritance and legacy. And they are the indigenous peoples of Mindanao and Sulu.

They are the ones struggling for self-determination. The settlers have no business participating in such plebiscites or referenda.

The non-Muslim indigenous inhabitants of Mindanao and Sulu should of course be asked, too. Historically, they had always been considered Moros or Moro allies.

Moreover, there are MORE Moros living outside ARMM than those living in the ARMM. The plebiscite therefore should include ALL MOROS ALL OVER THE PHILIPPINES.


Perhaps it would also be better to define who the Moros are. Maybe a good definition would be the following:

A Moro is anyone who has at least one parent or two grand parents who are full-blooded Moros.

A full-blooded Moro is one whose parents (father and mother) were born in Mindanao to Muslim parents indigenous to Mindanao.

Exception to this rule are the members of indigenous peoples of Mindanao who are usually referred to as Moros but many of whom are non-Muslims like the Yakans.


The Tripoli and Jakarta Agreements with the MNLF did not solve the Moro Problem. Neither will the agreement with the MILF.

The aspirations for a true and real freedom will always be in the heart of every Moro, even those who kowtow to the powers that be. There will be no peace in Mindanao if the Moros continue to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune simply because they are Moros.

The Moros need to unite and petition the United Nation for DECOLONIZATION and ask it to conduct a plebiscite for the Moros. They can also petition the OIC to help them in the U.N.

If the UN could create a state for the European Jews in Palestine and call it Israel, and could create a country called Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, which was nothing but a neglected trading post in the colonial times, then it should be easier to create a sovereign Bangsa Moro Federal State which has territory, people, and a long history as independent and sovereign states.



  1. “If the UN could create a homeland for European Jews…”: While you have certainly mastered the geopolitics of Bangsa-Moro issues, you have ALOT to learn about Israel. Israel was not created by the UN. The UN merely ratified its existence, it was created by Jews who began returning to THEIR traditional homeland in the last part of the 19th CE/AD Century, joining other Jews who had lived there continuously for 4500 years.

    “European Jews” are merely Jews descended from people exiled from that same land so it does not matter if they were born in France or in Yemen, or even in Hebron, they are the same People. If Moro parents move to America and have children, are the children Moros or Americans? I dare say they are Moros, would you disagree?

    Arabs are occupiers, not Jews so if any homeland was createdm, it would have only been correct. As it was however,Jews built their own land and merely had the UN vote to legalise it.

  2. Rachamimbenami,

    Jews who lived in Europe for centuries could not possibly have any claim on Palestine. They had become Europeans.

    By your definition, there are no Americans because they all came from abroad. The only Americans are the native American Indians.

    All Filipinos who went to America and chose American citizenship could not possibly claim to be Filipinos. They can claim to be of Filipino descent but they could not have any right as a Filipino citizen.

    The Jews left Palestine centuries ago — on their own volition. When the Muslims came, many of them intermarried with the local populace, including Jews and pagans. They all belong to the Semitic race.

    The Zionist movement could not have succeeded without the help of the US and the UN. After WW II, US and Western powers wanted a state for the Zionists. President Roosevelt himself went to talk to Arab leaders to convince them of the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine.

    Did you know that Mindanao was even thought of as a substitute state for the Jews? You can google that.

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