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RP Panel sees MILF/MNLF disunity as hurdle to Peace Agreement with MILF

February 24, 2012


FROM BUSINESSWORLD ONLINE Reuniting both Moro fronts seen as key in addressing Mindanao security instability REUNITING the Moro fronts in southern Philippines is seen as a crucial step to address the decades-old problems of instability and violence in the region and pave the way for Bangsamoro self-determination. This was cited in the exploratory talks in […]

US-led AFP bombs jungle camp, but no proof of JI leaders claimed to have been killed presented

February 3, 2012


Looks like another US-Philippine terrorism spin. With Obama desperately needing a war to divert Americans’ attention from the elections and the drab economy, the US is saber-rattling everywhere – Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, etc. And now, even Mindanao is not spared. It is, after all, part of USA’s “War on Terror” (the endless, borderless, […]