Duterte’s cousins joined ISIS / Maute gang!


President Duterte admitted, even boasted – on national TV – that his cousins joined ISIS/Maute gang; and he did not have them arrested. And the Mass Media and the public as a whole did not give a damn!

Yet the Philippine government bombed and totally destroyed the town proper of Marawi City supposedly to kill, maim and capture that very ISIS / Maute gang.

The so-called Marawi Siege was a bizarre moro-moro played out in the country’s mass media for several months in 2017-2018. Like Filipino telenovelas, the script was incredible, unbelievable and horrible – especially horrible for the people of Marawi who lost their homes, their city’s infrastructure and their belongings through massive looting by the military.

More than a year later, some of the residents are not even allowed to go back to their residence.

Meanwhile, the government plans to steal Mranao lands and set up a 10-hectare military base as well as other government buildings and offices.


duterte cousins poster


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