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Marawi Tragedy is a humanitarian concern – Abbas

October 18, 2017


FROM: RANAO STAR PHILIPPINES Sultan Abbas told EU officials: “There must be something wrong” on the Peace Process MANILA, October 17 — Sultan Firdausi Ismail Yahya Abbas, Sultan of Lanao and Chairman of the Executive Council of the Bangsa Mranaw Congress (BMC) met last October 13, 2017 with officials of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium […]

…and no one was left to speak

September 13, 2017


First they came for the Abu Sayyaf;           and I did not speak out because I was not an Abu. Then they came for the allegedly ISIS-linked Maute clan;           and I did not speak out because I was not a Maute. Then they came for the Communists / Leftists;          and I did […]

Give me Liberty or give me Death!

July 13, 2017


  The American colonials still kept hoping that there would be peace in America. But Delegate Patrick Henry knew that the British masters would never give the colonials freedom. In the Second Virginia Convention on March 20, 1775, Mr. Patrick Henry delivered this immortal speech: They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to […]

Changing Marawi Narratives

July 2, 2017


The President has such an idiotic Maute/ISIS narrative. In the first place, nobody let the Mautes in Lanao. They live there. They are real Maranaos not like the President who claims to be a Maranao, too. Most Moros do not love the Philippines. They have been living under endless tyranny, as one popular book on […]

No ‘Eid Celebration in Marawi!

June 24, 2017


Remember, remember May to June 2017 Ramadhan 1438 The False flag terror of treachery and plot We know of no reason why Martial Law and Aerial bombings should ever be forgot!

Teaching Bangsamoro and Filipino History

May 22, 2017


  From the blog THE SETTING SUN, 2.0   Teaching Bangsa Moro history Sometime in 1991 or earlier, Mr. Alfonso Felix, Jr. obtained copies of two historical documents from the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid  written in 1755. He promptly translated the two texts entitled “The Siege of Palumpong” and “The Battle of Iligan.” The Society of […]

Federalism and Other Options

June 20, 2016


This is a CONTINUATION of Prof. Macapanton Yahya Abbas‘s “Is a Bangsa Moro State within a Federation the Solution?” ***********************************************************************   CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT The infirmities of the New Organic Law are serious that it must be declared unconstitutional especially the power of control of the National Government over the Regional Government as a Local Government […]