Philippine Military charged all males in Albarka village for murder!

Angered by the double whammy — from the MILF forces and from PNoy who refused an all-out war —  they got from its attack on MILF in Albarka, Basilan, the Armed Forces of the Philippines filed charges for MURDER against all the adult male population of the Albarka village.

The military filed charges for murder against 8 MILF members and 300 John Does. The usual Modus Operandi (M.O.) for this case is the following: After the charges are filed at the fiscal’s office, no subpoenas will reach the concerned parties because there are usually no addresses given or the addresses were wrong or simply, no names. The court then issues arrest warrants for a couple of people and dozens or, in this case, hundreds of John Does. The military, not even the police, then goes to the supposed address and arrest any male Moro they meet. These Moros would be taken into custody and tortured until they sign confession letters. They would then be shown to the media, who would banner them as terrorists. Then they would rot in jail without getting their day in court. Or, they could escape prison, just like what Laksaw Dan Asnawi did.

Here’s the story from the MILF website:


All males in Albarka village, Basilan charged with murder

November 17, 2011 – Three hundred eight men, including 8 MILF members, were charged with murder in connection with the killing of 19 members of the Army’s Special Forces by MILF forces led by Commander Laksaw Dan Asnawi in Cambug, Albarka, Basilan last October 18.

The number of those charged exceeded the number of male population in the entire village, based on the 2009 COMELEC record, which showed that there were only 604 registered voters (aged 18 above), males and females. Of the 604 voters, less than 300 are male.

Barangay Cambug is a Moro community and is one of the 16 barangays in Albarka town.

The record also showed that the female population comprised the majority of the total population, in term of voting age.

On November 4, the WESMINCOM legal division filed a complaint with the Basilan Provincial Prosecutor issued a subpoena to 8 MILF members and 300 other John Does.

A non-government worker, who requested anonymity, opined that, based on the above statistics,   assuming that the 300 or so charged of murder are all male, (meaning, not including children and women) practically, all and every legal aged male individuals in Barangay Cambug are charged of multiple murder!

“This is a sweeping and reckless issuance of subpoena,” she commented.

He predicted that these ambiguous developments in the legal arena will again warrant arbitrary arrests and another wave of human rights violations to the Moro community in Basilan similar to the arrest warrants issued in 2003 to at least 300 individuals in Basilan plus John Does wherein several cases of arbitrary arrests and detention, mistaken identity, torture and other human rights abuses and violations were reported.

He cited a classic example of reckless “enforcement of law” by the AFP in the recent arrest of one Harud Jaljalis, a.k.a Indal, from his residence in Maluso. It turned out later that the person actually arrested was a certain Indal Hairun Ladjatua, who is already confined at the Bicutan Jail.


A saga of all-out euphemisms vs peace, the Moro and the ordinary people



When it comes to addressing the conflict in Mindanao, nothing has really changed in Philippine government policy despite the change from one president and administration to another. It has always been consistently “militarist,” said Neil V. Murad, secretary-general of Suara Bangsamoro (Voice of the People). This dogged militarist approach, he said, victimizes the very people it is supposed to protect – the civilians.

The intensified military aggression in Mindanao today “clearly reveals the President’s mangled concept of justice. His pronouncements attempt to camouflage but his actions clearly exposes the brutality of the government’s Oplan Bayanihan,” said Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi De Jesus in a statement.

Whatever name you decide to call a war, its consequences remain the same, said Murad, as he warned against yet another looming all-out war in Mindanao, and the injustice “this purportedly ‘just’ campaign to redeem the honor” of at least 19 killed special action forces of the Philippine Army.

The Suara Bangsamoro condoles with the families and relatives of the 19 soldiers killed in the October 18 armed encounter between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Basilan. But they cautioned the government especially the AFP against using this incident “as pretext for the aggression against civilian-populated communities in Zamboanga Sibugay and Basilan.”

“If you are hunting for a handful of ‘lawless elements,’ why bomb entire communities?” asked Murad.

Suara Bangsamoro asked the government and the “sensationalist media” not to prey on the grief and misery caused by the death of 19 soldiers just to present as “righteous” and “just” the intensified military aggression against civilian communities.

An all-out war under any other name is an “all-out injustice,” said the Voice of the Moro Nation. They add that another all-out war can only breed further injustice, human rights violations, loss of lives, destruction of livelihood, and will push any prospect for peace in Mindanao further back.

Gabriela Women’s Partylist Rep. De Jesus said they also grieve with the mothers of the slain soldiers and they also call for justice for them, but they are pushing more to “affirm that peace negotiations, rather than this militaristic all-out-justice campaign.”

“We call on the Philippine government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) panels to convene and respect agreements and obligations to stop the fighting and alleviate its impact on the civilian population,” said Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus.

Series of all-out wars under different names

There has been a series of “all-out” something in addressing the raging conflict in Mindanao. “Under Erap, it was “all-out war.” Under GMA, it became “all-out peace.” Now, under Pnoy, it has become “all-out justice,” Murad recalled. But all these “all-outs,” in reality, are wars launched against the BangsaMoro, and it reportedly continues to inflict destruction and rights violations among the BangsaMoro people up to now.

Under Erap’s ‘all out war’ in 2000, Murad said, some 200,000 people had been displaced, and another 100 civilians were either killed or illegally arrested and tortured. Under GMA’s “all out peace,” Murad recalled that two major wars against the MILF were launched. One in 2003 and another in 2008. These wars led to at least 750,000 internally displaced people, making the Philippines the number one in the world in terms of number of displaced persons.

As of April 2011, Murad said there are more than 125,000 long-term internally displaced persons still languishing in government camps all over Mindanao.

And now, under President Aquino’s “all-out justice,” Gen. Eduardo Oban reportedly reasoned that in order to “translate the directives of the President into operational goals,” a second day of airstrikes was launched by the Philippine Air Force on various communities in Zamboanga Sibugay.

As of Oct 26, entire communities are being bombed and tens of thousands of villagers are fleeing their homes as the AFP pursues their target “lawless elements.” Some 20,000 residents of Zamboanga Sibugay and Basilan had reportedly been forced to evacuate.

AFP uses excessive force against Muslim communities

August 21, 2008

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) had been employing excessive force in its indiscriminate military cleansing operations against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) the past days. Heavy air strikes from OV 10 bomber plane, F5 and MG520 Helicopter gunships and artillery and mortar shelling were unleashed by the AFP soon after the ground attack it perpetrated against the MILF forces. The firefight lasted for few hours with the reconnaissance troops moving out and gave way for the dastardly air bombs.
At around 550am yesterday, the AFP attacked the MILF forces at Barangays Kuloy, Tapikan 1, Tapikan 2 and Kuloy all of Shariff Aguak Maguinadano. But this time, the aggressive AFP engaged not only the 105th Base Command of Ustaz Ameril Umbra Kato but also the Task Force Ittihad (Unity) of the MILF Central Committee.

The ferocious assault dispersed civilians, destroyed properties and livelihood and pulverized downtrodden Muslim communities. Neighboring towns of Datu Piang, Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Datu Unsay Ampatuan, Mamasapano were adversely affected.

Task Force Ittihad is an arm of the MILF Central Committee designated in the MILF communities in 10 Maguindanao towns to promote unity among the MILF, local government units, AFP / PNP units in the area and their constituencies.

The attack on Ittihad is tantamount to a direct attack on the MILF highest leadership, GRP – MILF peace process and ceasefire.

Thousands of civilian fled with their children and belongings placed in carts carried by carabao. Now they are staying in makeshifts under trees, along the roads and relatives.

Two elements of the AFP were killed following their attack.

Last night, hundreds of AFP troops consolidated at Barangay Olandang, Midsayap, Cotabato believed to be preparing for another attack against the MILF forces.

This morning at around 5am, the same troops attack the MILF troops along the riverside of Barangay Kadigasan and Damatulan, both of Midsayap, Cotabato.

Another new infantry unit arrived in Maguindanao to augment the already highly beefed-up AFP troops conducting cleansing operations against MILF and aggrieved civilian communities