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Malaysian Terrorist allegedly killed by Philippine military still alive – Malaysian cop says

March 18, 2012


In February 2012, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), together with troops from the United States of American, bombed an alleged terrorist camp in the jungles of Sulu. The AFP claimed that an Abu Sayyaf leader was killed together with two top terrorists of the Indonesia-based Jemaah Islamiyyah (JI). One of them was a Malaysian named Zulkifli […]

Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines

March 5, 2012


FROM ALJAZEERA Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines   Washington and Manila should work with the Muslims of the Philippines to ensure full rights of identity and development. Last Modified: 05 Mar 2012 11:45   This article is the fifth in a series by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, a former Pakistani high commissioner […]

US-led AFP bombs jungle camp, but no proof of JI leaders claimed to have been killed presented

February 3, 2012


Looks like another US-Philippine terrorism spin. With Obama desperately needing a war to divert Americans’ attention from the elections and the drab economy, the US is saber-rattling everywhere – Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, etc. And now, even Mindanao is not spared. It is, after all, part of USA’s “War on Terror” (the endless, borderless, […]


November 24, 2011


Combined US FBI and Philippine police agents arrested 4 people – all Christian Filipinos – with an alleged link to a supposedly terrorist group, Jemaah Islamiyah (J.I.) of Indonesia, for hacking the American telecommunication giant, AT&T. As usual with this terror-related stories spun by the US, the four young Christian Filipino “hacker-terrorists”  are involved in […]