Teaching Bangsamoro and Filipino History


From the blog THE SETTING SUN, 2.0


Teaching Bangsa Moro history

Sometime in 1991 or earlier, Mr. Alfonso Felix, Jr. obtained copies of two historical documents from the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid  written in 1755. He promptly translated the two texts entitled “The Siege of Palumpong” and “The Battle of Iligan.” The Society of Jesus printed the original Spanish texts in 1755 in Manila. The English translation by Alfonso Felix, Jr. was printed in Quezon City in 1991, more than two centuries later. The two articles, together with his Report and Acknowledgement speech, were published in a booklet titled Episodes of the Moro Wars. (I bought my copy from National Bookstore)…`




Teaching Bangsa Moro History, Part 2

Last year, there was a lot of hullabaloo about the proposal that Bangsa Moro history be taught to Filipino high school students. The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and the Department of Education spearheaded the proposal. There was applause everywhere, including among the Moros. Some Moros were happy and even proud that their history would finally be studied in schools, as if the Moros were never mentioned in Philippine secondary school textbooks…


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